Staying Safe in a COVID Outbreak

Too many hotspots to remember? Where were you at 3:15pm last Thursday? I can't, so we developed a prototype app for Australians to check their locations against COVID hotspots. If you were in one, it will let you know what actions you must take. Keen to collaborate and looking for some funding to complete. Ross Ford +61417450585
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Ross W Ford @ 2021.08.15 9:36 AM

We have a consolidated list of all 11,800 hotspots in Australia since Covid was first discovered in Australia. We have this in an Apache Kafka topic and it gets updated ever 15 minutes with the latest sites. Mobile apps can pull the last 14 days of location data or subscribe for any new locations. 

If a location you visited gets added to the state Covid list, we will receive it within 15 minutes of it being published. You will be notified as soon as it is downloaded to your phone and you will be advised what actions you must undertake. 

If you are planning to travel, you can see all the active (last 14 day) hotspot sites and make plans to avoid those areas. 

We have a minimum viable product now in iOS. We havent yet developed an Android version. The Apache Kafka is cloud hosted and can scale to whole of population of Australia for concurrent download. It is the same technology that is used in the Service NSW Checkin App.

Ultimately, we would like to see this as a way to opening up Safe Travel to other likeminded countries who are happy to share their Hotspot data. 

We are open to sharing our solution with other countries to help them protect their citizens - including our near regional countries and island nations.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.08.15 10:00 AM

Clever idea and well done in developing it Ross. I've shared it to IdeaSpies Twitter and you can share it as well using the share icons under the post. These guidelines help. Lynn

Amir gharti @ 2021.08.20 1:13 PM
Cool idea and can use simply as other apps in mobile phones.

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