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Stop sending "thank you" emails to slow down global warming


Every email you send consumes electricity and adds a tiny amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Since there are so many of us, and each one sends many emails a day, our combined email carbon footprint is enormous. The easiest way to trim it is to stop sending useless emails, such as 'thank' messages. 

Here's what a British survey found:

1 email=1g of CO2

64 million Britons won't mind not receiving 70% unnecessary emails sent daily in the UK

16,433 tonnes  emissions would be cut cut if each Briton sends 1 less email a day

That's equivalent to cancelling 81,152 London-Madrid flights,or 88,270 Delhi-Mumbai flights

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.01.26 5:43 PM
Thanks for the tip. I hope this Thankyou does not generate CO2!

Ivani Torales @ 2020.01.27 8:19 PM
It's sad to think that I should refrain from sending a thank you note to save the planet from some grams of CO2, while spammers flood my inbox and keep the carbon emissions up high.

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By Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay K Rout

26 January 2020

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