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TAX REFORM a great opportunity to use "Deliberative Democracy"


"NSW Treasurer Perrottet slams Canberra for tax reform drought"(AFR) 

For just on two decades Australian Governments have baulked at significant reform of our tax system. 

In this era of policy inertia, produced by a dysfunctional political system that is overly responsive to individual economic and social pressure groups, we need a "breakout" process that defines a "common good" solution.

John Key managed to resolve a similar difficulty in NZ by using a "transparent and deliberative process" run with the help of Wellington University. The Australian Government could easily use a Citizens Jury to review and develop a "common good" Australian tax proposal.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.02.17 8:38 AM
Very interesting that, once elected, the Key government set up a tax working group that held public seminars at Victoria University of Wellington. Interest groups and public policy experts presented papers and argued over the tax system. The result was a well-publicised package of change that saw a better, although not complete, alignment of the top New Zealand tax rates
An idea we could learn from in Australia. 

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By Glenn Barnes

17th February 2020


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