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International diplomacy required!

"In a Foreign Affairs article, Francis Fukuyama argues that the foundation of any political order, quite obviously so in a pandemic, is an effective government. In an earlier work, he argued persuasively that the ideas of the rule of law and accountability to citizens through democratic political processes are founded on this: if the state does not work, nothing does."

"An alliance of liberal democracies dedicated to creating a counterweight to China in some areas, while co-operating successfully with it in others, is conceivable."

Martin Wolf

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ideascape @ 2020.07.09 10:49 AM
If a leader builds distrust of the state, facts, truth, experts, voting integrity and the rule of law/justice, that leader will erode democracy and produce a breakdown in social structures. We're seeing this play out in several countries right now.

Glenn Barnes @ 2020.07.09 11:58 AM

Yes, Ideascape; We live in concerning times with the state of our democracies weakening. Citizens need to become more aware of what is going on and take their duties to society more seriously.

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By Glenn Barnes

9 July 2020

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