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The 3rd Industrial Revolution started on Oct 29 1969 when a message was sent between 2 computers at Stanford and UCLA.

The world is undergoing a new revolution and it’s not just the 4th Industrial Revolution. We call it the Ideas Revolution because it’s encouraging many new ideas to be created and commercialised. 

Previous stages of the Industrial Revolution enabled us to build machines that could do things for us.

The Ideas Revolution is enabling us to build machines that make decisions for us a- whole new step forward in technology. It’s creating many entrepreneurs because the barriers to entry have reduced significantly. It’s about sharing rather than owning.

IdeaSpies has been created to share these ideas, explained simply in 100 words or less, so they’re understood easily. You can post ideas directly on the platform to share them.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.02.25 6:00 PM
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lynnwood @ 2020.03.01 1:43 AM

Australia was judged to be no 1 in the last global creativity index

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By Lynn Wood

17 September 2019

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