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The little Aussie EV car company that could

Australia’s Good Car Company has an ambitious, world-first approach to getting more EVs on the road. “The simplest thing was to find used EVs from overseas and bring them over,” said co-founder Broese van Groenou. While importing 500 EVs may be small, demand is skyrocketing along with gasoline prices.  Now they are sourcing large volumes of used cars from Japan (right-hand drive, low mileage and good quality), via a bulk purchase arrangements for specific communities. Mike Cannon-Brookes' has invested to help with the risk.  Councils and buying groups around Australia are starting to sign up.

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Michael Williams @ 2022.10.12 10:47 AM
This looks like a good step to get more EVs in Australia at what are likely to be good prices. 

Jeremy Wright @ 2022.10.12 4:31 PM

Thanks Michael, we hope so and feel free to contact the Company - they are looking for customers/investors

Regards Jeremy

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