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The one and only - Grounds of Alexandria


Opened in 2012, "The Grounds", located in a forrmer industrial complex in Sydney, is one of the most exquisite and breath-taking hospitality enterprises in the country. 

Ever-evolving, with its thematic decorations and installations, The Grounds operates at a scale and with a following unheard of in Australia. 

Its current Marrakesh theme is inspired by the vibrant colours and flavours of Morocco, creating an evocative, and spell-binding inner-city oasis filled with wonder.

One of the most popular event and wedding locations in Sydney, and visited by over 750,000 guests, The Grounds is a destination not to be missed.

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Maria MacNamara @ 2021.04.01 12:56 AM
One of my favourite destinations. 

April Chepovskygold Harvey @ 2021.04.17 11:27 PM
Beautiful ❤️

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By Ivan Brewer

31 March 2021

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