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 "What makes me optimistic, Victor, is particularly in my current role, all the conversations that I have with people in the community. Every day it's a different conversation. But it's always inspiring to me to hear from people about what it is that they're striving for. And for me to get an understanding of what I can do to help address some of the challenges.  But everyone in the community wants to live well."

Jane Anderson- Latrobe Health Advocate 

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.11.28 5:35 AM
Love the new orange glasses- very stylish!

Victor Perton @ 2020.11.28 5:48 AM
Thank you, orange glasses are eco-friendly glasses made of recyclable materials.  Sydney start-up called Dresden.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.11.28 6:14 AM
The glasses look clever- you can suggest to them that they post their idea on IdeaSpies or use our new Bespoke Service

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By Victor Perton

27 November 2020

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