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Join this Conversation about the Rights of Nature Internationally


The Rights of Nature is becoming an important topic of social and political debate as countries around the world are seeking legal methods to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Twenty four countries currently have national or local laws recognising nature as a legal entity with the same fundamental rights as humans. 

These Rights of Nature laws signify a radical shift in the way "nature" is recogised and codified in the Western legal system - from a commodity to be exploited for human benefit to a dynamic community of life.

Join us for a timely conversation on this critical issue. 

This event is a collaboration between The RSA Sustainability Network and IdeaSpies.

What do you think?

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Michael Williams @ 2024.02.07 6:25 AM
An important step for recognition. I'm reminded of how we could re-learn the whole notion of respect for nature from first nations people.

IdeaSpies @ 2024.02.07 6:25 AM

Spot on Michael! This is just one of a few related ideas you can see when you search indigenous on IdeaSpies

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