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The Startup Giving Home Buyers a Leg Up


Those wishing to enter into the Australian property market knows it's harder than ever to get in, with property prices rising at a faster time than wages.

Luckily there are startups out there with innovative solutions to get people into homes faster. Tackling this issue is the Australian prop-tech platform, Our Leg Up, which is assisting prospective home buyers to get a leg up by fast-tracking prospective buyers entry by up to five years. As well as enabling people to earn a return on real estate equity.

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David Hellier @ 2023.01.08 7:55 AM

Thanks for mentioning us here. Our Leg Up has the only product that allows property owners to earn a return on inaccessible equity. 

David Hellier CTO at


IdeaSpies @ 2023.01.08 10:13 AM
Well done David in having your startup featured by one of our Editors. You're welcome to share the post. 

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