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The Top 100 ideas shared by IdeaSpies 2021

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A Positive Pandemic Plan was by far the most popular idea shared by IdeaSpies in 2021. It was posted in June 2021, before the Australian Government announced their Pandemic Plan. Many commented on the Plan to help improve it. The ideas in the final Plan seem obvious now however, at the time, they were not. There are quite a few ideas to deal with COVID in this list.

There are also many ideas that were posted by design and technology students who responded to the UpRising initiative in NSW schools. The 2022 program has started and students would love your comments on their UpRising ideas posted this year.

Thanks to our wonderful IdeaSpies Advisory Board and Editors who have posted many of these  ideas. You can search them by keyword(s) on IdeaSpies. Thousands of ideas have already been posted and these are the most popular:

1. A Positive Pandemic Plan (PPP)

2. UpRising connecting young designers with industry

3. Australia needs a world-beating vaccine roll-out NOW

4. Time is running short to get a grip on the climate crisis

5. Robotic rover for safe delivery of humanitarian aid in warzones

6. Restaurant names burgers after office supplies Fun Marketing Ploy

7. 50 over 50 Remarkable Women of the IndoPacific

8. Nuclear Power for the Moon

9. An Online Kindness Bank

10. Plan B for Australia Incentives for Vaccination?

11. How Australia can and must get R under 1.0

12. Israeli Idea that can help Australia Open International Borders

13. Rock Climbing for the Vision Impaired

14. Accelerating R&D in NSW

15. RBA launches explainer videos to improve economic literacy

16. Re-thinking Solar Panel Waste

17. 100m Xprize for carbon removal solutions

18. Pink Hydrogen  Yea or Nay?

19. Waratah inspired Western Sydney International Airport design

20. LegalTech focused on helping 84% of consumers who don’t access lawyers

21. Vouchers to dine and discover NSW

22. A market with beautifully crafted Australian merchandise

23. One of the great challenges haunting pub goers everywhere has been solved

24. Launch Your Business

25. Innovation in manufacturing and the future of the Australian manufacturing landscape

26. Repurposing shopping centres as new company campuses and local work hubs

27. Cyber 10101

28. Back to the good things

29. SmartOysters app to transform the 235bn aquaculture industry

30. Free Antigen Self Tests for people in the UK

31. Pot Plant to improve plant growth

32. Nuclear Propulsion to Mars

33. Plastic Free no Lid coffee cups changing the world

34. The Future of Healthcare 2021 and Beyond

35. Can corporate Australia help save the Hospitality Industry? One Victorian startup thinks it can

36. One man's pursuit to change the way restaurants manage online table bookings

37. The Disc Jockey on a BIKE

38. An at home rapid test for COVID 19

39.Australian startup Octopus automates the deployment of applications

40. Video Marketing How To Maximise Your Reach

41. Forbes 30 under 30 Afghan teens develop low cost ventilators

42. Seed funding boost to cyber intelligence startup

43. Matching Researchers and Business

44. Home quarantine becomes a reality

45. IdeaSpies names David Thodey AO as Chair of Advisory Board

46. Big Ideas 2021

47. NAB Swallows Up Neobank 86 400

48. Making travel fun again

49. Passwordless is the Future for Passwords

50. Median nerve compressor  Wrist Rest for CTS

51. Gender inequality and injuries in womens contact sports.

52. Instant COVID 19 sensor to protect communities

53. Tree Manager

54. World’s largest battery to be built in NSW

55. Is this Australia?

56. Moving to a more positive mindset when you most need it

57. Home quarantine with G2G Now

58. Exporting Education Idea

59. Can AI help distinguish between conspiracy theories and truth?

60. World-first domestic Hydrogen battery

61. Year in Review

62. Fighting for Mums in the Workforce

63. Curating the future Hospitality's greatest challenge is how we inspire the next generation

64. New era of crypto Using Cryptocurrency for Philanthropy

65. The Disposable Mask Task

66. Food delivery startup Rewalty is shaking it up

67. Bold new Framework for International Tax agreed by 130 Countries

68. Microbial driven carbon utilisation (CCU) might soon replace carbon sequestration (CCS)

69. Storm water is a harvestable resource

70. Rotating Pool Table Dining Room Table

71. A solution to wobbly tables

72. Set & Forget AI System for Microgrids

73. Solid & Concrete Idea

74. Whistleblower protection to include reports of sexual harassment

75. Affordable fidget jewellery

76. A Minister for Digital in NSW

77. A bar with no-beer opens in Melbourne

78. Breaking down the stigma of socialising sober

79. Keeping It Local  

80. The man made eye which can see the future.

81. NEW Pitch your PHD podcast

82. Sports in the Tech Era

83. A Legal Intelligence Platform Saving Startups Time and Money

84. Recognition of the benefits of changing your mind

85. Australian law firm leading the way in utilising blockchain technology

86. The Intelligence of Bees

87. Federal Government must rethink funding model to support technology in Australia’s public sector

88. A fun way to show your contact preferences at live events

89. Concrete Terrazzo Wall Tiles  Upcycling Glass Bottles

90. Robot apple harvester

91. A lamp designed to kill coronavirus that's safe to humans

92. Upcycling Fashion To Battle Pollution

93. Convert coal plant to hydrogen

94. Sustainable Jewellery

95. How to Become an Entrepreneur or Start a Business With Just a Laptop?

96. Giant Compressed Air Energy Storage Solutions

97. A new product range for IdeaSpies

98. VR powered tech taking legal training into another world

99. New Education Program for Aspiring Business Owners

100. Australia’s quantum opportunity before we let it slip

Lynn Wood
Founder and Chief Idea Spy


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