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The Top 20 Ideas Shared by IdeaSpies 2022


About 1,000 ideas were shared by IdeaSpies in 2022 and these are the most popular. All the ideas are explained simply and can be searched by topic, keyword and author. They are at various stages of commercialisation ranging from pure ideas to ideas developed by large organisations.

It’s very interesting that 6 of the top 20 ideas were posted by NSW Design and Technology students who were part of the UpRising initiative led by the inspiring teacher Richard Hainsworth and fellow teachers who are Members of the Institute of Technology Education (ITE). 

The NSW UpRising program has been so successful that it’s being expanded to include other Australian states and territories this year.

We hope you enjoy checking this list and share some of the ideas that especially interest you. You're also welcome to comment on them.

1. MediBot

My project proposes to design an automated health care robot for individuals who may be physically impaired, elderly, or injured that will remove the need for constant monitoring by healthcare/ aged care workers and allow users independence in taking care of themselves.

2. Shark Repellent Wetsuit, Surfboard and Attachable Device

Shark attacks are an issue worldwide, meaning there is a genuine need for shark-repellent products. My design incorporates shark-repellent technology into commonly used products.

3. 4 in 1 working from home solution

I have created a solution for people who work from home or require an office solution in apartment style living that is collapsible. 

4. ᗺrightLight

rightLight is a lamp that utilises colour therapy to improve reading skills for individuals with Dyslexia and ADHD.

5. Soleus push-ups: increased metabolism while sitting

Marc Hamilton, Professor of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston, has discovered such an approach for optimal activation – he’s pioneering the “soleus push-up” (SPU) which effectively elevates muscle metabolism for hours, even while sitting. 

6. Hidden wheelchair lift at the front of a luxury London hotel

The five-star Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel is based in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, and a standard double room costs around £300 a night.

7. The Mask Sanitiser - An innovation in the making

COVID 19 has changed the way we look at health. Mask wearing has become impossible to avoid. It protects both our health and the health of others.

8. A data-first approach to address post-catastrophe impacts

Natural disasters continue to intensify in occurrence and capacity,  costing Australia an average $38 billion per year. 

9. Lidl swapping electric vehicle fleet over to hydrogen fuel cells

Having already invested in an electric vehicle fleet to decarbonise their operations, what could warrant now changing that fleet over to (renewable) hydrogen fuel cells?

10.Repurposing Wind Turbine Blades

Options to re-purpose old wind turbine blades are currently pretty limited. But in 2021, a small pilot pedestrian bridge made from decommissioned wind turbine blades was installed in Cork, Ireland. 

11. Atomic Essays | Main Sequence Ventures Partner Phil Morle

Main Sequence Ventures Partner Phil Morle is writing 30 Atomic Essays about: Being a founder ; Lessons learned on boards; Tools for venture building

12. Being Covid-Safe Now Means Wearing N95 Masks

"The safest situation, especially for prolonged contact in crowded settings, is when everyone is wearing well-fitting N95 respirators.”

13. Is it a Bike Shed or a Wind Turbine?

It is both.  Denmark has the highest penetration of wind energy in the world. It is also a country with a love of cycling. It is estimated that 9 out of every 10 Danes own a bike.

14. Geothermal Electricity - Anywhere, Anytime

Geothermal power plants are typically located near easily accessible, and sufficiently hot hydrothermal reservoirs. This limits their potential.

15. Kickstart your Journey to Ecopreneurship

Do you want to be an ecopreneur? This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded legends who want to help our planet, explore new ways of thinking to design innovative solutions, and see where the experience leads.

16. Remote Animal Medical Aid

I have identified that there is an enormous need for a product that provides information and supplies for animal rescue

17. Australia can transition from being the highest coal-based polluter per capita

Australia still has the dubious record of the highest levels of greenhouse gas pollution from coal/person - more than any other developed country - according the Ember report for 2021.

18. A Podcast series featuring IdeaSpies Editors

A new IdeaSpies Edition series has launched in collaboration with A Spanner in the Works Disruption Podcast. Each episode features an IdeaSpies Editor talking about what's happening in their idea topic: 

19. Vaccine factories in shipping containers

BioNTech, which co-developed a revolutionary mRNA covid-19 vaccine in partnership with Pfizer, hopes to revolutionise another area of pharmaceuticals: vaccine manufacturing.

20. A wearable device that will improve stroke patient outcome

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. CT scans are used to diagnose stroke, but due to radiation exposure, are only performed every 24 hours. 

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