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The world's first hydrogen voyage by sea


The world’s first carrier of liquefied hydrogen has arrived at Victoria’s Port of Hastings to pick up its inaugural cargo and transport it to Japan, marking a major milestone for the emerging industry.

This voyage will be the first worldwide to transport liquid hydrogen by sea to an international market.

Hydrogen – which emits only water when it burns – is seen as a promising future tool for decarbonisation as long as the process of manufacturing it is also emissions-free. Governments are increasingly looking to hydrogen for its ability to store and transport energy generated from renewables and clean up difficult-to-decarbonise parts of the economy.

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IdeaSpies @ 2022.01.23 3:01 PM

Comment from our Energy Editor Kylie Hargreaves:

This is indeed a great step forward and it is also clear the maritime race is on to try to build the next generation of shipping vessels able to transport liquid hydrogen. Some of the tricky challenges facing the industry include the need for liquid hydrogen to be stored at temperatures significantly colder than liquid natural gas. (While LNG can be around the -163°C, liquid hydrogen needs to be kept at temperatures significantly lower than that at -253°C.) And being a much smaller and lighter molecule than methane, it can also escape more easily - so all the engineering / sealing needs to be even more advanced - or you could loose a lot of your inventory! A fascinating space, with Höegh LNG also recently announcing a partnership with Squadron Energy to develop the next generation of Floating Storage & Regasification Unit (FSRU) - vessels designed not just to transport but also to re-gasify the H2 at its final destination. (Disclaimer I consult to Squadron hence my familiarity with this last bit - and of course a public announcement was made late last year!)

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