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The World's Smallest Garden

Turn a bottle into a self-watering hydroponic herb garden. By providing a way for plants to water themselves for up to a month at a time, it means you don't have to! Launching on Kickstarter May 22. Sign up here for campaign updates and early-bird discounts.    
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Lynn Wood @ 2017.09.15 7:10 AM
The plants are doing well and you're still no 1 on IdeaSpies- thanks Nate!!!

jaqui @ 2017.09.15 7:10 AM
Well I tried this and my seedlings are growing. Great little system. Can't seem to share my photo. Well done

lynnwood @ 2017.09.15 7:10 AM
Well done Jaqui! You're a great gardener, IdeaSpies adviser and friend! xx

nate @ 2017.09.18 7:10 AM
Glad to hear it's worked for you Jacqui, and thanks for hosting us here IdeaSpies! After months of hard work we're going to be releasing our Kickstarter Edition products next week, and shipping out orders to around 2,500 end customers. Can't wait to get them into everyone's hands :)

lynnwood @ 2019.03.27 7:10 AM
Well done Nate . Your idea is still one of the most popular on IdeaSpies! We are preparing a page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies. We'd love to hear of any responses you received that resulted in positive action. Best Lynn

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By nate

13 October 2017

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