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This Australian startup is tackling the problem of food waste by converting it into poultry feed

Approximately 30% of all food that is produced goes to waste and is responsible for an estimated 8% of all global emissions. Food Recycle is converting 1 Tonne of food waste into 390 Kg of poultry feed, 90 L of liquid fertilizer and 520 L of distilled water. Its pilot facility is located in Regional NSW and uses a patented and patent-pending process, to both showcase the process at a commercial scale and produce poultry feed.


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Lynn Wood @ 2020.01.27 11:37 PM
Very impressive to recycle wasted food in this very creative way!

caf002 @ 2020.02.08 9:09 PM
I wish this startup all the success it deserves. Just a thought though. Can this food be used for fish farming, particularly for the Tasmanian salmon?

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By Ivani Torales

27 January 2020

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