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This local kombucha brewer might have the alternative in fine dining


Have you tried pairing the complex flavour of kombucha with BBQ, greens, or soft cheese? Kombucha continues to be the tasty and healthy alternative to alcohol and soft drinks, and Bulla Booch is building its profile as the perfect food match. They brew small batches per week, ensuring a consistent taste and quality, plus a better treatment for the environment: they use recycled wine bottles and encourage consumers to return their bottles. The brand two flavours -Black Tea with Mango, and Green Tea with Strawberry, sell in cafes, stores and markets in the Blue Mountains.

Image: Bulla Booch


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IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.18 12:48 PM
Thanks- I tried a non alcoholic rose last week and it didn't taste very good.,

lynnwood @ 2020.01.18 4:38 PM
Looks like an excellent alternative to alcohol or soft drinks at dinner.

Ivani Torales @ 2020.01.19 6:02 AM

@lynnwood yes, this brand has been in some Food and Wine community events and were a successful alternative as you say. For Christmas it paired really well with both ham and chicken, foodies might get inspired.

IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.20 11:34 AM

Interesting article about kombucha by the CSIRO. This new drink is very topical!

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By Ivani Torales

18th January 2020


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