Time to Grasp the Tax Nettle!


With the 20th anniversary of the introduction of GST, the calls for tax reform are rising.

We should re-think and re-focus our taxation structure to give improved incentives to work and make productive investments. We should seek taxation structures that are simple to administer and difficult to avoid.  

For too long we have seen people taxed on their work at too high a level relative to the returns given to passive capital (including the family home). All taxes should be put on the table for consideration with no sacred cows.

 GST birthday sad reminder of reform complacency

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.06.30 1:37 PM
Do you think the problem with not reviewing the tax structure is related to the Gov mantra that no one should be any worse off as a result of a change? If not that what is causing policy inaction? 

Glenn Barnes @ 2020.07.01 5:49 PM
I am not sure what the "mantras" or fears are - other than if you get the politics wrong then proposed or actual tax changes can lose an election. Perhaps the biggest issue is the unwillingness of politicians to effectively engage the whole community in the process of tax reform - and allow the "common good" outcome to evolve.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.01 7:10 PM
Yes that's how it should be done but it seems the press come out with a negative view because negative news sells and positive changes are thwarted.

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By Glenn Barnes

29 June 2020

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