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Time to shake up our weary old politics


The 2022 Federal election campaigns have been an insult to the Westminster traditions on which our liberal democracy was founded and to the electorate.  

The lack of a serious and fulsome policy agenda by any party or candidate is contemptuous. It puts our economy, sustainability, well-being, and national safety in danger.  

For too long, our politicians have sidelined the complex and vital decisions that need to be taken to have a sustainable physical and economic environment and a healthy and thriving community and democracy.  

There is a better way, and we need to demand that our politicians change:  

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2022.05.17 1:33 PM

Yes let's give power back to the people!

Glenn Barnes @ 2022.05.18 3:44 AM
Thank you Lynn for your enthusiastic support for putting a focus back on integrity and the people at the heart of our democratic processes.

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