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Top Tips for working from Home


These top 6 tips from the World Economic Forum are helpful, with an extra one from me as Chief Idea Spy! They are very relevant now given so many have to work from home.

1. The number one rule of working from home is… leave the house! You’ve got to get out at some point during the working day.

2. Move around the house.

3. Put some boundaries around work

4. Stay focused and switch off distractions.

5. Have some social interaction.

6. Remember that you are in control of the environment when you work from home.

7. Look smart- if you wear pyjamas make sure they’re fashionable

What do you think?

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lynnwood @ 2020.03.18 3:56 AM
These tips are really helpful.

Keerthana-Vedachalam @ 2020.07.26 1:59 PM
Much needed tips right now to get motivated to study from home.

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By lynnwood

16 March 2020

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