Tips in fixing social media


Social media giants are operating without competition and regulation. They are causing anxiety in users as well as divisions in society. We should have conversations about how to improve usage of them. The documentary The Social Dilemma starts this conversation.

Three tips from people featured in dealing with social media:

  1. Turn off notifications
  2. Always choose what you read rather than accept recommendations
  3. Fact check before sharing to help stop fake news spreading
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.09.21 3:07 AM

Thoughtful extra points added by Stuart Allinson

4 Critique the idea not the person. 

Just like a board meeting, the members of any forum need to set that standard and call it out - but not by tribal exclusion, but by encouragement and inclusion. There are many ways to do this - too often the ad hominem argument hides an important idea that is poorly expressed, or a flawed idea whose logical implications have not been fully worked through.

..and maybe a rule 5 that requires a little more skill:

5 Humour helps!

Again, not at the expense of a person - humour can defuse a heated debate, but most importantly, it creates the space in which people can engage to explore "dangerous" ideas. But it must be done with respect

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By Lynn Wood

16 September 2020

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