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“Together we can put the nation on a path to progress” ANTHONY ALBANESE


The opposition leader is correct in pointing out the need for our society to pull together if we are to make progress on the many challenging, complex and divisive issues that we face.  

Unfortunately, he is still living in yesteryear when community leaders and politicians had enough community credibility to lead people through the disruptive change processes.  

To be an effective leader of change today one needs to accept that citizens want to see evidence-based policy and change that has been formulated in conjunction with “people like them” - not just an elite group. Deliberative Democracy processes can achieve this!

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2021.12.31 5:05 AM

A citizens’ assembly, that is reflective of our whole community, is needed to determine how we can regenerate and strengthen our democracy.

Glenn Barnes @ 2021.12.31 10:22 AM

Yes, Lynn

The politicians will only address this if we the citizens force action.

The erosion of support for the two major parties could be an early sign of the electorate seeking a reform of Australia’s political processes. ????

IdeaSpies @ 2021.12.31 10:30 AM
Then the question is- how do we get the independents to support this? 

Glenn Barnes @ 2021.12.31 10:51 AM


I think that we need to each independently contact them and push the case for change and encourage family and friends to do the same.

Elizabeth Darlison @ 2022.01.06 5:54 AM
Great Interview on ABC Sydney Radio recently on ABC Sydney Radio (overnight) with Dr Michelle Malony co founder of New Economy Network Australia (NENA) addressing these very issues. Worth a listen.

Glenn Barnes @ 2022.01.07 10:44 AM

Thank you, Elizabeth.

I look forward to listening to the interview.

Kind regards 


Glenn Barnes @ 2022.01.07 10:59 AM


I cannot locate any such interview via the ABC or other search engines. Are you able to supply some more specific details or a link?

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