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Transparent "deliberative processes" to determine the common good is what we need!


"In other words, parliament should do its job properly rather than choosing the lazy path of enacting deliberately unclear laws." (Janet Albrechtsen 12/2/20).

Our government is using Royal Commissions, regulators and the courts to try and change things rather than governing.

It is clear that our parliament cannot effectively find consensus that represents community views on multiple issues. Political gaming has overtaken fact driven process and policy.

The time has come for Australia to follow the enlightened examples coming from other countries, and start using community based "deliberative democracy" processes to transparently determine the "common good" for challenging policy issues!

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.02.14 4:48 AM

Yes we need bipartisan agreement on many issues for the common good. 

Both major parties in Australia agree, for example, on the value of a Foreign Investment Review Board. 

Maybe we should list policies they agree and encourage them to expand the list using transparent deliberative processes. 

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By Glenn Barnes

14th February 2020


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