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Universities are a crucial incubator of innovation


Our productivity performance is going to depend on our capacity to innovate. Universities, are a crucial incubator of innovation.

Universities are more and more conscious of the need to move from research silos to bring disciplines together to solve problems in a multidimensional way. That applies to the bigger national economic recovery story as well. 

Increasingly education is going to put a premium on an ability to adapt. I think the instinct to collaborate across different sectors, different disciplines, different areas of knowledge, is something we need to deepen in our students

Universities need to be absolutely clear that they are in the market of ideas. To pre-screen ideas because they don’t fit some template is to go absolutely against the purpose of a university.

Peter Varghese AO

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Paul Chapman @ 2020.12.11 5:03 AM
The experience of having to adapt quickly is invaluable and something everyone has learnt in 2020. The university sector most definitely has the opportunity to "value" the abilityto adapt as Peter Varhhese states.It is equally important for the unis and industry to be recognised and chosen for their ability to adapt. 2020 has demanded worldwide that challenges be embraced, and now is the hour for those organisations who have adapted under pressure to capitalise on their knowledge gained.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.12.11 4:26 PM
Good points Peter! It's important to capitalise on new learnings from challenges this year, particularly those related to adaption, collaboration and innovation.

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By Lynn Wood

5 December 2020

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