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Fully Featured AI-Powered Virtual UX Lab


UXReality, previously working as an app for gathering user insights on mobile, has become a full-fledged virtual user testing lab. From now on, UXReality is a powerful online solution for remote UX research on mobile and desktop. It allows running user tests for prototypes as well as for live websites and apps. Powered by AI, UXReality completely replaces the traditional usability lab by moving tools for tracking users' visual attention (eye-tracking) and facial expressions (facial coding) online. UXReality switches the user research industry from bulky and tied to central location labs to elegant and fast virtual solutions.

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UXReality Platform @ 2020.05.22 3:10 PM

Several days ago, UXReality - online platform for remote user tests - has got featured on Product Hunt as #1 Product of the Day . It promises to become a truly revolutionary solution on the market of remote user testing tools. 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.05.22 4:42 PM
Congratulations! Great achievement. UX is extremely important. Macquarie Uni students have been helping IdeaSpies improve our UX recently as a project that's part of their degree.

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By UXReality Platform

22 May 2020

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