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Vaccine Manufacturing Begins


The world’s largest vaccine producer, the Serum Institute, announced a plan to make hundreds of millions of doses of an unproven inoculation. It’s a gamble with a huge upside. And huge risks.

By the time the trials finish, expected around November, Serum plans to have stockpiled 300 million doses of the Oxford vaccine for commercial use. And if all of those fail, they can quickly adapt their assembly lines to manufacture whatever vaccine candidate does work ..

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Brian Kirby @ 2020.08.02 4:35 AM
I will definitely not be having this vaccine nor will my children. I am not an anti vaxxer all my children have had their routine vaccinations from the day they were born, but the buck stops here as I actually have a personal experience with vaccines gone wrong and this is the story.... My normal, healthy 3 year old sister born 1966 had the vaccine for the 1968 Hong Kong flu (VACCINE WAS MANUFACTURED IN 4 MONTHS). She was dead in 1969 from leukemia! My mother always said it was from that needle!

Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.02 5:44 AM
Very sorry to hear that Brian. Yes we need to be very careful in choosing a vaccine because of the risks. I was surprised to see so many people involved in testing vaccines for general use. They are very brave and the few I've seen interviewed say they are doing it to help all of us get over this Pandemic.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.02 12:32 PM
Another vaccine from South Australia on the way

Keerthana-Vedachalam @ 2020.08.09 11:56 AM

Let's hope we get some vaccine soon!

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By Michael Sharpe

2 August 2020

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