Vaccine Rollout Comparison: Israel and Australia


The following article was written by my colleague Rochelle Ives.

The ‘startup nation’ has recovered much more rapidly than Australia, largely due to an immensely effective nationwide vaccination rollout campaign championed as being the most vaccinated population in the world. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and Israel has proven again to be her innovative child. In this time of crisis, the Israeli Innovation Authority, which serves as the country’s leading government entity that supports research & development through technology and innovation was quick to create and offer new programs and schemes for entrepreneurs.

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.04.13 4:30 AM

What about travel to and from Israel? I don't understand why the Gov can't issue a travel advice like this one for the US

Jeremy Ungar @ 2021.04.14 4:31 AM
I know, right!

Lynn Wood @ 2021.04.14 4:56 AM
Has Israel issued a similar travel advice as the one by the US?

Jeremy Ungar @ 2021.04.14 4:56 AM
Yes. And Australia is being left behind without international travel, attending international exhibitions, etc. Billions of potential revenue could be forfeited!  

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