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Vaxinia: an experimental cancer-killing virus


An experimental cancer-killing virus (Vaxinia) has been administered to a human patient for the first time, with hopes the testing will ultimately reveal evidence of a new means of successfully fighting cancer tumors in humans.  

Co-developers of the oncolytic virus drug are the City of Hope cancer care and research center in Los Angeles and Australia-based biotech company Imugene.  The trial is for two years.

Previous research has shown the drug can harness an animal immune system to hunt and destroy cancer cells.  Another monocolytic virus drug T-VEC (Talimogene laherparepvec) is used to treat melanoma in humans.


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IdeaSpies @ 2023.11.13 5:42 PM

Good to see positive results. Treatments for melanoma have improved the five-year survival rate for advanced melanoma from less than five per cent a decade ago to more than 50 per cent today.

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