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Video pitch driven startup discovery app

Angel investors need an introduction to the founders behind their deck, and this app not only presents entrepreneurs through video, but allows potential investors to filter and flick through personalised pitches to efficiently learn the key information relevant to their decision making criteria. Please feel free to contact me:
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idea5 @ 2019.03.22 7:14 AM
Looks like a much better idea than having to spend so much time pitching in person!

Lynn Wood @ 2019.03.31 7:14 AM
Hello Philip We are preparing a public page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies. We?d love to hear of any responses you receive from IdeaSpies supporters that result in positive action so we can include them on the page. Please let me know. As you know the purpose of IdeaSpies is sharing innovation to inspire action. Best wishes Lynn

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By philip-charles

13 March 2019

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