Waratah inspired Western Sydney International Airport design


With the release of the new Western Sydney International Airport featuring a traditional rectangular structured terminal, I propose an alternative exterior design for the terminal. 

The design inspired by the Waratah plant which is an iconic native Australian flora represents Australia’s unique diverse culture. The final design will be dynamic, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and designed to provide efficient travel. This will address the needs associated with the local community, rapid increase in immigration, international air travel and the expansion of Western Sydney.

I seek expertise from Architects to assist in evaluating and improving my design, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

What do you think?

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R Hainsworth @ 2021.04.27 7:01 AM

Brilliant idea Nomunzal 

Found this, thought it might be of interest?

All the best with your project. 

wayde@principals @ 2021.04.28 7:01 AM
What a terrific idea Nomunzal.  I'd encourage you to follow Rafat Ali, a travel writer, who describes airports by nature as massive, stressful and confusing "non places".  Rafat argues it's time for airports to develop a sense of place and connectedness to local culture.  Your design would definitely achieve that!  

(99+) It’s Time To Rethink How We Think About Airports | LinkedIn

Gillian Corban @ 2021.04.29 7:01 AM
 I think nature and this plant concept is a great way to look at the structures we move within. I will be interested to see how you facilitate the flow of customers and needs of the airline staff and the many activities that will take place in the Airport. It is a really good way to illustrate & tell our unique Australian stories.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.09 7:01 AM

Your design reminds me of the Sydney Opera House Nomunzal. This exhibit I saw today could give you some ideas. The shells are of ceramic tiles.

Miguel Carrasco @ 2021.05.31 7:01 AM

Hi Nomunzal - I love the idea. For my year 12 HSC project many years, I took on the ambitious task of designing a new terminal for the new airport at badgerys creek. My design was a very boring rectangle. I love your concept. There are some great example of this kind of architecture in asia - check out the lotus buildings in China and India for example. 

One thing to keep in mind. The control tower needs to be able to have complete visibility of the whole airfield, runways and apron areas. you might need to think about placing that in the middle of the 'flower' ?

good luck with it.   

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