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We must Listen to All Community Voices Before Taking Decisive Action.


It is concerning to see the push by the PM to have a referendum on the Indigenous Voice before broad and inclusive community deliberation has been completed.  

There is pressure to act quickly by some groups in the community; this risks either a failed referendum or people becoming frustrated when the implementation consequences become apparent.  

Many wise indigenous voices, including Tom Calma, Marcia Langton, Pat Turner and Linda Burney, have endorsed the need “to build consensus” before moving to Constitutional Recognition.  

Our community comprises many “voices” from many backgrounds – and they all deserve to be listened to.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2022.09.17 3:02 AM

According to this article broad consultation is now on the way. 
We assume the word indigenous is understood. How many of our parliamentarians are indigenous?

Glenn Barnes @ 2022.09.17 5:09 AM

The outdated models and techniques used to lead this discussion are of concern.

Australia is different demographically, technologically and socially from the last century. Unless individuals see deliberations over serious matters seeking and satisfactorily taking into account the views of people like them, serious change initiatives will fail.

Constitutional change faces a high bar in Australia, and success will require promotion by trusted sources. Our politicians and institutional leaders do not enjoy such levels of trust.

There are public deliberation processes used elsewhere that could move Australia forward - Let's use them.

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