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What A Gas! Zero Emissions + 20% Growth Gain


The CSIRO is commercialising seaweed product found to accelerate cattle growth and cut their hefty greenhouse gas emissions to near zero.


A potential long-term saviour for the global cattle industry, which stands accused of being a bigger greenhouse gas producer than all nations apart from China and the United States.


A significant body of research shows adding even small amounts of the seaweed product to cattle diets can cancel out methane emissions – through burping and flatulence – while the reduction in digestion waste results in faster growth rates (an average of 20% increase in field trials).


Source AFR 10/8/20

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.10 10:52 AM
Commercialising this idea is a major win for the CSIRO. It was first posted on IdeaSpies over a year ago

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By Glenn Barnes

10 August 2020

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