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What we eat can increase our risk of dementia


In a world-first, Australian researchers examined data from 17 global studies that included more than a million patients. 

Scientists at the Heart Research Institute say they have made a major breakthrough by finding the definitive relationship between dementia and high levels of cholesterol for the first time.

The researchers say the findings are significant because they mean future tests to calculate a person's risk from dementia can be performed through blood tests.

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Trevor Rowe @ 2023.03.21 5:05 PM

This is a very interesting idea Lynn.  There is a known relationship between cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes.  A while back I heard that Alzheimer's Disease has another name:  Type 3 Diabetes.  The Diabetes Australia website says that, 'Type 3 Diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer’s disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain. It is not yet a medical term or a recognised condition, but is a term now used in research looking into the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.'

IdeaSpies @ 2023.03.23 5:15 PM
Thanks Trevor.Statins are very popular now to reduce cholesterol. Seems there are good reasons for taking them.

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