When will drones replace fireworks for New Year celebrations?


Drone light shows differ from fireworks displays because drones are reusable, and do not produce chemical and noise pollution. 

Drones used to create light shows are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) sensors and a powerful LED light that can create more than four billion color combinations. This allows these drones to produce a greater range of effects than fireworks and to present almost unlimited opportunities for artistic storytelling in the sky.

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.01 7:58 AM

Last year's post about drone displays

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.01 7:58 AM

Looks like many countries are now experimenting with drone displays

angus-m-robinson @ 2021.01.06 7:58 AM

Lynn, thank you so much for posting this idea which I understand has  already been trialled successfully overseas. IMHO, the NYE Fireworks  display in Sydney has long passed its use-by date -  old 'steam age' technology, grossly expensive and environmentally unattractive and highly over-rated (same old, same old!) If Sydney is to make any impression on the world as to its technological standing and prowess, we should be leading with the best available technology.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.06 7:58 AM
Totally agree Angus. Thanks for your comment.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.01.06 3:07 AM

This is another impressive display of Chinese drones - a real and sustainable alternative to NYE fireworks in Sydney, particularly given that we celebrate New Year in our fire banned bushfire prone summers.

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By Lynn Wood

1 January 2021

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