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Who said machines that heat and cool cost the Earth!

Machines that heat and cool a home now account for 37 % of the energy made and produced globally. Our energy pump heats, cools, makes hot water, sells cold waste and converts heat that was always sent into the environment into electricity to avoid emissions - hard to imagine? We're now ready for residential applications after proving the machine in industrial applications , A joint USA / Australian alliance is being planned to change how you view a machine. We call it Elegan- an energy pump that's very Innovative. 

What do you think?

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Kylie Hargreaves @ 2021.04.06 4:37 PM
Hi Ged. Is there a link or some more info available? Heat pumps are excellent for energy efficiency,  so interested to know what is the innovative element of this one. 

Ged @ 2021.04.08 8:48 AM

Hello Kylie 

The Big Sister of this residential machine quietly sits at Riversdale Winery Tasmania Producing almost Zero waste wine when in Production  

You can see a little more about that at if interested 

The residential market has been well serviced but we felt provides a large opportunity for global emission reduction a brief explanation is as follows: 

When a heat pump is explained fully by a supplier we hear about its ability to make 3300 watts of heat using 1000 wats of energy we pay for. In Australia that would cost about 33 cents each hour to run and we genuinely believe that is efficient compared to using a fossil fuel energy if clean energy is used to make our heat.

What suppliers of machines fail to tell us, is to make that 3300 watts of heat we emit about 2400 watts of cold energy from that same machine, which in the past had no value but technically is still an emission. 

In Europe heat is the predominate energy needed. But throughout society other users of energy make or need cold energy, and pay for that to be made, emitting heat emissions.

It’s a well known never talked about fact and forces people to buy energy to use that is wasted.

What we did was adopt One machine that makes heat and cool together to avoid owning 2 or 3 machines. Our machine now captures all emissions and manages the waste meaning when we need cold energy 55 % of that 1 Kw you pay for is held, not wasted and, with a Joint association with a USA university,  wenow make electricity with that 55 % heat emission and place that back into a home battery.

When we are forced to make heat the cold waste should be on sold into society as we plan to do in Europe using District heat and cool networks. In Australia we will need to wait as I doubt our government will adopt DHC networks denying us the opportunity to sell our cold waste, but In Europe that is being planned.

If we consider this all we arrive at a machine that is much more than a machine operating on renewables. We have a machine that operates at almost zero waste emissions.

The impact of this innovation means the 2 billion machines all using about 4.0 Kw and making 13 Kw of heat and 10 Kws of cold emissions could be stopped globally.

And if we consider each machine in that 2 billion amount would run for about 6 Hrs a day and is used for about 180 days a year we significantly Impact the energy used and emissions made.

I hope that explains our energy pump as making electricity from waste and selling cold to offset energy use may be a nice change globally.

Gerald Asbroek 

Kylie Hargreaves @ 2021.04.10 9:25 AM
Thanks Ged

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