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Wholesale prices for your groceries


To help people out during this difficult time, Foodbomb has opened its ordering platform to the public.

For the first time, individuals can now use the Foodbomb ordering platform to order anything from Fruit & Veg to Dry Goods direct from wholesalers at wholesale prices.

Delivery is free and next day delivery is offered by most suppliers. This would suit anyone looking to bulk purchase at lower prices.

At the end of the day, this is about helping you stay inside as much as possible and keeping people safe while supporting suppliers that are really feeling the pinch.

You can sign up as PERSONAL USE at the registration form.

What do you think?

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Shanil f @ 2020.04.06 4:05 AM
great post

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.06 4:17 AM
Yes I've sent this post to my family so they can order. 

FanTuan @ 2020.06.10 4:56 PM
In this special period, this is really great post

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By Lynn Wood

3 April 2020

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