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Women are blessed with the ability to multitask immensely. So, it is a lot easier for women to be safe, secure and maintain the lock down rules. Women are naturally home driven where they feel the most comfortable. This is the time men should take inspiration and make an effort to learn to love to stay home, without affecting their mental health.

Stay safe, stay home!

What do you think?

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ideaspy_09 @ 2020.04.21 4:27 PM
Very divisive commentary regarding women vs men. Our Australian Govt has shown great leadership and has followed the advice of Chief Medical Experts - not sure what more you can expect? All citizens around the world are dealing with the situation differently and to claim one gender does it better by using a generalisation in your post that you'd likely be offended by (women are naturally home driven, then that's offensive) is not scientifically proven.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.22 3:59 AM
Good point. Australia has responded to the crisis just as well as NZ. I guess that the positive comment about current women leaders relates to the fact that there are more than usual, though still few, and they seem to be performing very well.

Afia @ 2020.04.22 6:38 PM

I didn't mean it be divisive at all. I'm not sure where you got the idea of any negativeness towards the Australian Govt. (Just a picture of Jacinda, being a great leader). 
I just said most women are the most comfortable at home (not demeaning anyone here), not sure how that would be offensive.

This is just an idea, an inspiration that can be turned into a scientific research one day :) That's what Ideaspies is all about! 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.22 6:46 PM
Yes that's what IdeaSpies is all about Afia. Good to have some discussion on an idea so we understand it better.

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By Afia

21 April 2020

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