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ZERO Emission Hydrogen Engine – with site produced fuel


Imagine if all engines had ZERO EMISSIONS. BRC Engines pty ltd is a Start-Up company from Maryborough QLD who are working towards commercialising a new Zero Emission Hydrogen engine cycle. They have developed a prototype zero emissions, twin stroke, compressionless Hydrogen engine. No nitrogen or carbon emissions. Only bi-product is water. Check out their story -

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lynnwood @ 2019.12.03 3:52 PM
Fascinating- my parents came from Maryborough. Glad to see innovation come from there.

maxberghouse @ 2019.12.12 10:02 AM
Pure hydrogen, whether it is from a fuel cell or from a tank of hydrogen (appropriately secured) seems a more efficient use of resources than either electricity or hybrid. It should be possible to use existing 4 stroke petrol technology as to which there is enormous expertise, with relatively little modification. Hydrogen of itself is not especially dangerous: no more so really than petrol. The prototype engine described here is beyond my technical knowledge. Absence of emissions and the only byproduct being water, I readily accept. That this engine does not rely upon compression, I find hard to understand.

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By readyfundgo

3rd December 2019


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