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Astronomers produce most sensitive radio image ever of ancient star cluster
From the CSIRO:“A global team of astronomers have created the most sensitive radio image ever of a globular cluster, an ancient
16 January 2024 by Jonathan Chri...


Market Vision as a Key to Success
The highlight of the Deloitte Intangible Value Summit 2023 was a presentation by Dr Larry Marshall on Invention to Innovation and how he learned from failure. His recent book charts a course for scientists, leaders, investors and policy makers to translate research into growing innovative, competitive companies and industries.   It demonstrates how science can generate new value that grows markets and creates jobs while also delivering social, environmental and economic benefits.
19 November 2023 by IdeaSpies



A Bright Idea for the Great Barrier Reef
It might sound like science fiction, but “marine cloud brightening” is being seriously considered as a way to shield parts o
18 October 2023 by IdeaSpies



pA Photocatalytic water splitting reactor
Adelaide-based Sparc is prototype testing its photocatalytic reactor technology to split water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen molecules at CSIRO’s Energy Centre in Newcastle, New South WalesThe photocatalytic water splitting technology is expected to deliver cost and flexibility advantages over green hydrogen projects that use electrolysers or solar farms, given the lower infrastructure and energy requirements.Sparc executive chair Stephen Hunt said this is “a world leading demonstration of photocatalytic water splitting in a concentrated solar field"
15 September 2023 by Jeremy Wright



Green H2 production using both heat & electricity
Industrial processes typically produce a lot of heat. This heat can be captured and re-used to reduce overall energy consumption with readily available technology such as heat pumps. However, industrial heat has not typically played a part in green hydrogen production. A new process to be trialled at BlueScope's Port Kembla Steelworks will seek to prove a new tubular solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) technology from CSIRO can reduce electricity demand by 30% compared to conventional green hydrogen production processes.
12 September 2023 by Kylie Hargrea...



Better land mine detection
Unfortunately, uncleared minefields are still a serious problem in many parts of the world. An Australian developed Magnetic Resonance system by CSIRO and manufactured and distributed by RFC Ambrian is set to allow more efficient land mine detection. Known as MRead, the technology is not affected by other metal in the ground such as shrapnel and for the first time can detect land mines made entirely of plastic. Land mines can be cleared allowing people to return to normal life without the fear of these devices. Photo: prototype MRead system in testing.
12 May 2023 by Michael Willi...