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AI captures $billions from tax cheats
The Australian Taxation Office has used artificial intelligence on an industrial scale to identify more than $530 million of unpaid tax bills and stop $2.5 billion being fraudulently claimed.ATO deputy commissioner Marek Rucinski said the agency’s deep learning models had helped his staff identify $295 million in superannuation guarantee underpayments, and natural language models had scoured leaked documents, such as the Panama Papers, to detect $242 million owed by tax evaders since 2018.
2 August 2023 by IdeaSpies



Sophia - the World's First Chatbot to Battle Domestic Violence
Israeli AI-Generated-Video-Chat-Company D-ID, which specializes in creating hyper-real AI avatars, brought Sophia alive using a combination of deep learning algorithms, image processing, and neural networks to animate her still photo. Sophia assists victims of domestic abuse 24/7 – no matter where they are located, and in strict confidentiality – to feel safe and confident enough to take the first steps to get help... Unlike a regular chatbot, Sophia can actually talk to users in seven different languages, making her accessible to populations who are not as literate, and a confidant for victims who don’t feel comfortable sharing their struggles...
20 March 2023 by Jeremy Ungar



‘Like using sonogram on bridges and pavement’
Department of Civil Engineering, will develop an internal damage identification model that leverages deep-learning technologies.“This ACE system will be like using a sonogram on bridges and pavement,” Ham said. “We’ll use the system to find internal cracks—ones that aren’t always visible to the naked eye—without a closed lane on a highway. We’ll use a wave-scattering theory approach to determine the severity of those internal cracks.” See
15 July 2022 by Michael Sharp...



Robot apple harvester
Monash University researchers have developed an apple-picking robot that displayed a better than 85 per cent success rate in field trials.It seeks to "address chronic labour shortages Australia’s agricultural sector is experiencing brought on by COVID-19, as well as tackling the future food crisis."“Our developed vision system can not only positively identify apples in a tree within its range in an outdoors orchard environment by means of deep learning, but also identify and categorise obstacles [for]... the "optimum trajectory for apple extraction" said research lead Dr Chao Chen.Source: 
28 April 2021 by Brent Balinsk...



AI solution to combat diabetic sight loss
A cloud-based artificial intelligence solution, powered by Intel® technology, will be launched in India, greatly reducing the screening burden on vitreoretinal surgeons. Sankara Eye Foundation in India and Singapore-based Leben Care are deploying this comprehensive retina risk assessment software-as-a-service platform in India, which uses deep learning to identify retinal conditions in a short span of time with the accuracy level of human doctors. Netra.AI can accurately identify diabetic retinopathy (DR) and has screened more than 3000 patients so far. |
15 March 2021 by Mel Raassina



Big Ideas 2021
ARK aims to identify large-scale investment opportunities by focusing on who they believe to be the leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation. While they believe innovation is the key to growth, the opportunities it creates can be missed or misunderstood by traditional investment managers.Their annual research report seeks to highlight the latest developments in innovation.  You can search the ideas they list by word on IdeaSpies to see examples of companies and technologies operating based on that idea eg Deep Learning. They should help you develop more ideas
20 February 2021 by IdeaSpies