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Scientists Discovered Snakes Can Turn Their Body Into 'Lassos' To Climb
As if it’s not enough that snakes can slither, sidewind, swim on top of water, jump and glide between trees. Scientists have recently discovered a new way for them to get to you: climbing like a lasso.Researchers from Colorado State University and the University of Cincinnati inadvertently made the discovery while working on the conservation of Micronesian starlings, a native forest bird species threatened by invasive snake predation in Guam.Source:
28 July 2021 by Dilip Adhikar...



Why countries must invest in tech and innovation to combat a global food crisis
An Israeli company has made the question redundant by achieving something remarkable. 'SuperMeat' has grown chicken in a laboratory, and they now plan to expand the process to a 'commercial scale'. SuperMeat is holding test meals for customers in a small restaurant in the Israeli town of Ness Ziona. The restaurant is aptly called the 'Chicken'. Diners here can devour the laboratory-grown chicken, produced without using genetic engineering or antibiotics. The process involves cultivating cells taken from a fertilised chicken egg. Cell cultures are fed a plant-based liquid including proteins, fats, sugars, minerals and vitamins.
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Cars for crypto: Aussies can now sell their car for bitcoin.
Aussies can now sell their used car, truck or caravan in exchange for has launched the new payment system to allow Aussies to choose bitcoin as the preferred payment method if they please.The company said the system will be operating in every state and territory and those wanting payment in bitcoin just need to fill out a contact form to arrange a vehicle inspection, receive an offer and indicate the desired payment method.Additionally, the company is offering its employees the option to be paid commission and bonuses in bitcoin.Source:
29 April 2021 by Dilip Adhikar...



Smaller and better smartphone cameras are on the way.
The cameras embedded in our smartphones have become so good, many of those too young to remember anything different would scoff at the idea of carting around a separate camera.At Scope Photonics in Ontario, Canada, they want to create lossless zoom for all kinds of images, which means any photo enjoying a close-up will remain consistently sharp.
21 April 2021 by Dilip Adhikar...