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Drones: Our Best Weapon Against Disasters
Drones have changed the world with their versatility and are now Australia’s favourite mechanical friend as they fight bushfires, rescue stranded surfers, deliver vital medications and monitor shark sightings.Their latest task has been assisting in the bushfire effort. And, as drones continue to evolve no problem seems insurmountable. What uses could be next?Read more:
17 December 2019 by Jasmyn
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Pool-sharing app allows Australians to rent out their pools
Bunim Laskin, a 22-year-old from New Jersey, is marketing Swimply, a website and an app which enables home owners to rent the
2 December 2019 by Jasmyn
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Plant-based meat alternative set to alleviate the effects of our increasing protein demand
A plant-based source of protein that looks and tastes like real meat has been launched in Sydney by a new company with ambitious plans to break into international markets. CSIRO’s Deputy Director for Agriculture and Food, Martin Cole said “By 2050, the world’s demand for protein will double,” he continued, “We’ve almost got to make a second trillion-dollar protein industry to look after the health of people and the planet,”
20 November 2019 by Jasmyn
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