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30 September 2021 by Jeremy Ungar


27 September 2021 by Jeremy Ungar



Analysis is in the eye of the (video) beholder
If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that businesses need to adapt quickly. Many video analytics companies from Israel have since came out with flexible and scalable AI technologies that offer compatibility, leverage existing investments in cameras that can be used for security, safety as well as business intelligence purposes.Here are 3 of Israel’s top companies in the video analytics sector:
24 September 2021 by Jeremy Ungar



The Future of Storage Energy
One solution to power outages is the notion of power storage, instead of real time usage. The notion of energy storage can either be at utility scale, which includes all energy storages at the side of the utility provider, or energy storage can include behind the meter storage, which is all measures taken by households and industry to store energy or ultimately remote power systems which are supplied to remote areas that are not typically connected to the grid. Israeli companies are the leaders in innovation concerning energy storage, with expertise in hydrogen as well as mobile energy units.
23 September 2021 by Jeremy Ungar



Good Mooood Idea
Israel’s dairy industry is believed to be one of the most advanced in the world. With its effective breeding policies and technology, Israel has climbed the ranks to become a global leader in milk production. Computerized milking and feeding systems, cow-cooling systems combined with careful breeding and intelligent farm management techniques have led to the tremendous progress of Israel’s dairy industry. Today, Israel boasts of producing the highest milk yield per cow and is truly a success model for dairy farmers around the world. Read on and connect with some of Israel’s top companies in the dairy sector:
17 August 2021 by Jeremy Ungar


13 August 2021 by Jeremy Ungar