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Essential skills mix - successful innovation
Problem solving and its close cousin innovation need a mix of skills and backgrounds within teams to really fire. While policy attention is often on the technical or STEM skills shortage solid research supports the inclusion of HASS -  humanities, arts, and social sciences to get better outcomes in creating commercial, economic, and social value. These capabilities complement in very important ways the other (technical) elements of the skills mix.Article by Dr John Howard:
1 December 2022 by Michael Willi...



Flexible Indoor Farming Solutions
New South Wales-based tech company InvertiGro has won the Food Agritech category at the InnovationAus 2022 Awards for Excellence for its novel and innovative solution to the world’s global food security struggles.InvertiGro's modular sealed grow cubes can be installed almost anywhere: from inner-city basements and car parks to warehouses in remote rural locations, without costly building modifications. Internally, they can be configured, and easily reconfigured, to deliver the optimal growing conditions and resource efficiencies for a wide variety of crops including food, fibres, fodder and medicinal plants. 
18 November 2022 by Michael Willi...



Eyeglasses for developing communities
4eyes Foundation aims to reduce the massive burden of uncorrected refractive error in remote and developing communities (blurred v
9 November 2022 by Michael Willi...