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What makes you Optimistic about Valentine's Day?
Science says optimism and romance should go hand in hand. The best research comes out of Michigan State University which found an optimistic partner is associated with a reduced likelihood of cognitive decline.
13 February 2021 by Victor Perton
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The Habits of an Optimist (Animated)
Out of Australia. Out of Melbourne in its darkest lock-down moments.Smile like an Optimist is the most popular habit commended in my presentation on Optimism your Superpower. Now it's one of the 14 Habits of an Optimist available as a free course through Project Optimism takes between 50 minutes and 50 years to complete :)
12 December 2020 by Victor Perton
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A swell of public support to act more decisively on climate change.
 "I'm very optimistic about the future of climate change and the global efforts to mitigate it, mainly because I think there
28 November 2020 by Victor Perton
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Helping people achieve their dreams
 "What makes me optimistic, Victor, is particularly in my current role, all the conversations that I have with people in the
27 November 2020 by Victor Perton
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24 October 2020 by Victor Perton
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2 October 2020 by Victor Perton
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