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An Ecosystem Value Architect's view of a more responsive entrepreneurial online support system.
I served as a senior marketing advisor as a volunteer for 8 years. In that time I valued that other technology and business foundation advisors helped entrepreneurs to cover their basics - product development, legal, operations, structure and more. But at best this only got most startups to the starting gate. It did not help them to run a competitive value race. So I mapped out a complete and smart online entrepreneurs support ecosystem I only went as far as to put this on paper and now I also integrated a community support ecosystem, so that it can map into education and community values. More communities want to attract and develop startups but there is no effective roadmap as most accept a 30% success rate. I believe at least a 70% success rate is possible and the system should ensure entrepreneurial readiness as well as progress/performance measures and smart investor alignment. AI is now advanced enough and the learning approaches, resources and milestones all aggregate i
3 February 2018 by bill-van-eron
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