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A drug embedded with a digital tracker
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first drug in the country that is embedded with a digital ingestion tracking system. Abilify MyCite features an ingestible sensor that records the fact the medication has been consumed. The pill has been approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, acute treatment of manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder, and for depression in adults.
8 December 2017 by idea-2



An off-road wheelchair
The HexHog is an off-road wheelchair offering unprecedented access to extreme terrain including hills, mud, snow and shallow water. This battery powered machine offers the freedom to go places you wouldn?t have dreamed possible. It allows wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity to enjoy the countryside and back country wilderness.
5 December 2017 by idea-2



Rebuilding lives through jobs
The Mile High WorkShop in Denver, Colorado is an employment and job training program for those facing barriers to work through the manufacturing and production of handmade goods.?It provides contract manufacturing services in cut &?sew, woodworking, laser etching/cutting,?handmade assembly, and packaging/fulfillment services,?in order to employ men and women rebuilding their lives from homelessness, addictions, and incarceration.?
20 November 2017 by idea-2



A house that can be assembled like Ikea furniture
Backcountry Hut Company has created off-grid dwellings that can be assembled in a week like 'Ikea furniture'. They say their Surf Shack model can be built almost anywhere with materials dropped in by helicopter.
6 November 2017 by idea-2



A bin than cleans the sea
Seabin is an Australian invention. It's a floating debris interception device designed to be installed in the water of marinas, yacht clubs, ports and any water body with a calm environment and services available. It's installed in a specific debris problem area in the marina on a floating dock and the wind and the currents bring the debris directly to the Seabin. The catch bag can hold up to 12Kgs of debris. Trials of these Seabins are being conducted around the world, most recently in the UK at Portsmouth Harbour.
22 October 2017 by idea-2



A VR exhibit that helps you see what it's like to be a refugee.
Forced From Home is a free, interactive, outdoor educational exhibition presented by Doctors Without Borders in the US to raise public awareness about the experience of the world?s more than 65 million refugees and internally displaced people. With an experienced aid worker as your guide, you can learn about the many challenges people on the move encounter and the work Doctors Without Borders does to address their basic medical needs. Using a combination of 360-degree video and virtual reality Forced from Home involves you in the journey of a refugee, from their life in their home country, through the route they travel and obstacles they face along it.
16 October 2017 by idea-2