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Canada bans assault-style firearms
The Prime Minister of Canada has announced the ban of over 1,500 models and variants of assault-style firearms. Some of the
2 May 2020 by ideaspies03



Genetic screening of couples
Mackenzie’s Mission is a research project in which couples will be offered screening to identify those with an increased chance
7 January 2020 by ideaspies03



Edible coffee cups to help reduce waste
Air New Zealand has been working in partnership with ‘twiice’ to explore the future of edible coffee cups, which are vanilla f
9 December 2019 by ideaspies03


Making a graveyard tour a very interesting experience
Community groups on Long Island NY collaborated to produce a graveyard tour. "Widows" in Victorian dress guided us to tombstones of interesting historical people where actors portrayed them.The last actor, dressed as a Victorian undertaker, told us about burial customs at that time, and showed us photographs of dead people with their families, as if they were alive.We then had afternoon tea in the church- all quite an experience.
1 December 2019 by ideaspies03



A new solar-powered device turns salt water into fresh drinking water
Desalination technology is not new, but it uses high-power pumps and is notoriously energy-intensive (and therefore expensive). The solar-microgrid system that GivePower has created, however, can produce almost 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water each day. It relies on Tesla batteries for energy storage, and it uses two parallel pumps so that the system can run at all times, even if one pump requires maintenance.
19 November 2019 by ideaspies03



Promoting a drought proof garden
Sydney Water is in Martin Pace Sydney today and there are queues lining up to get a free drought resistant plant. It's a promotion aimed at making Sydney siders aware that we are in drought and need to conserve water. One way is to choose drought tolerant plants.
30 October 2019 by ideaspies03