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A dementia village
Korongee village is a $25 million project being built in the suburb of Glenorchy in Hobart, which is expected to change the way we help dementia sufferers.?It will feature a village structure based on a typical Tasmanian cul-de-sac streetscape that allows residents to feel at home and wander freely within a safe and supported environment for ageing.
23 June 2019 by observer1



A 2 hour flight between New York and London
Imagine boarding a plane in New York and arriving in London two hours later, about 1.5 hours faster than the time it took the legendary Concorde to complete the same journey on average. Boeing recently said it hopes to develop a passenger-carrying hypersonic airliner that would reach speeds of Mach 5 (about 3,800 mph, or five times the speed of sound) within the next 30 years.
1 July 2018 by observer1



Assessing your health while you perform routine activities
Some startups have devised quantitative methods to diagnose diseases or assess mental health while you complete routine activities, like talking on a smartphone, typing on a keyboard, or scrolling through a website. Non-intrusive measurements that extract data from our daily routines show great promise for the future of healthcare because they allow large data sets to be collected at minimal cost.
5 May 2018 by observer1



Indigenous flash cards
An easy way to teach children (and adults) Aboriginal symbols. They come in a bright coloured box great for children and for appreciating our cultural diversity in the workplace
4 May 2018 by observer1



Advice on what to buy based on what you?re wearing
Picture a life-size screen, that?s fully interactive with you on the street or in the store. Using machine learning it scans you when you opt in as you walk by. Based on this scan retailers can in seconds immediately conduct intelligent advertising, recommending other available items personalized to your taste by color, style, gender, age, and even emotion based on your facial expression.
2 May 2018 by observer1



Modest fashion a defining trend
This month, the fashion elite gathered in Dubai for the first-ever Pret-A-Cover, a glamorous event during which designers from around the world showed off collections specifically targeted at Muslim women. It drew attention to emerging designers from around the world who are putting their own spin on modest dressing. It?s in the interest of fashion brands to make clothes that Muslim women want to buy, particularly given estimates that Muslims will make up more than a quarter of the world?s population by 2030.
28 April 2018 by observer1