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David Thodey AO, Chairman Xero, Tyro, Great Barrier Reef Foundation

    Great ideas, research and innovation can come from anyone – so often the best ideas do not have a voice. IdeaSpies provides a platform for people to share ideas that create a better world.

Maria MacNamara, Director Government Relations & Innovation Strategy, Kyndryl

    IdeaSpies is a curated repository of good ideas that are a valuable resource for people who want to solve new problems or solve old problems in new ways.

Richard Hainsworth, Founder UpRising: Entrepreneurship career pathways for High School students

    IdeaSpies is an open and positive place to share ideas. Easy to read and follow and with a high level of UX.

Gillian Corban, Co-Founder Corban & Blair

    Innovation starts from ideas. Ideas are only ideas - they need to be shared, explored and interrogated.

Mark Stanbridge, Partner Ashurst

    IdeaSpies is a digital library of positive ideas. It's a very useful free resource to search if you want to keep up with innovation.

Vicky Papachristos, Non-executive Director, Scale Investors, Aussie Broadband.

    The ideas are inspiring and one feels the world is moving towards greatness and improvement, rather than stagnation and roadblocks.

Glenn Barnes, Co-Chair Citizens for Democratic Renewal, Deputy Chair Evidence-Based Policy Research Project

    IdeaSpies has opened the opportunity to advocate for more effective governance, especially in our Australian liberal democracy.

Kylie Hargreaves, Chair Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, Deputy Chair Regional Development Australia

    By distilling the longer articles from credible sources into 100 words or less, the database can be a genuine resource for many parts of the community, be that students, business, government or academia.

Wayde Bull, Strategy Director, Principals

    As its ideas vault continues to grow, IdeaSpies is becoming a great source of fresh thinking on a multitude of topics – search on carbon, coral, bees, seaweed, food waste or mental health and there's instant inspiration at hand.

Sabra Brock, Chair and Professor at Touro University, Business & Accounting Department, New York School of Career & Applied Studies

    IdeaSpies provides a reminder to observe and document positive ideas every day.

Madeline Cunningham, Advisory Board Member Upplft, Advisor ReadyFundGo

    The platform is the go-to ecosystem hub for sharing ideas and innovations, a valuable free resource with search, comment and feedback capabilities. It helps to build, grow and support startups, early stage VCs and communities.

Narelle Hooper, Non-executive Director, The Ethics Centre

    This global platform democratises innovation, allowing people to share, search, action and spark ideas that can make the world better.

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