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Editorial Policy

IdeaSpies shares ideas that do good. They are explained in posts of 100 words or less, designed to attract busy people who are curious and looking for ways to improve our lives.

They can be ideas happening now, ideas being developed, a different way to think about something or a new concept. They should offer a solution to a problem.

Whenever you see something and think “that’s clever” it should be on IdeaSpies.

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After you join IdeaSpies you are welcome to submit an idea for publication in one of our idea categories. Please use this form. You will be advised if the idea you submit is published so you can share it from IdeaSpies.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Join us/register
  2. Submit your idea below and, if it fits our policy, we will refer it to one of our Editors to consider for publication
  3. If the Editor likes the idea CONGRATS! It will be published and you will be advised.

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IdeaSpies posts can be shared with the share icons under them. When you share posts we suggest that you add @IdeaSpies with a live tag so we can see and further support them. You can also add hashtags #ideaspies and #cheerscrolling to help us share ideas that we believe do good.

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